Public letter to the citizens of U.K.

Hi guys, so this is a public letter adressed to you british people who have political rights.

We hear really weird news from your gouvernment, we’d like to know whether you need some help perhaps or if something has gone wrong, like a neo-fascist took power or what?

Look, about the enterprise of the billionnaire Mittal, it seems Cameron likes billionnaires so much, one who is around the 20th richest man on earth, and who deprives hundreds of workers from their job denying any social responsibility whereas he was welcome in France in agreement with the duty not to suppress jobs, and to maintain the activity he was buying. We trusted him, he broke the contract. And your Prime Minister says welcome to this thug? A bilionnaire can be a thug, don’t treat him like a gentleman then, a thug remains a thug!!!

Secondly, about Palestine, William Hague said that they would not about the change of status of Palestine, at the condition the Palestinians would not go and complain against Israël in front of the International Criminal Court of The Hague. Hey, the Minister of Foreign Affairs behaves like a thug himself? He thinks that he has any authority to stop the application of human rights? If Palestinians want to complaint, they have this right like any other category, country or people. This right can’t be taken off. So, here, dear british people, your government really scandalized me, they can be in favor of Israël if they want, but not forbid some human beings to say « ouch » if they feel something hurts. The Hague is rather a serious thing, you know, it’s not a commission of crack-smokers, they are specialists to judge whether there is something wrong or not. If the Palestinians are wrong in some claims, the Court will judge. William Hague can not reduce the territory of application of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court that your State signed in 2002. You are cowards if you let them deny some people their acknowledged right. You’re a thug mister Hague, you should go to Court yourself, you’re taking the wrong direction you know as a political leader, behaviors like you led some to suicide or jail! In France, we recently punished our Ministre de l’Intérieur, convincted for racist words. he ha, fuck him, and fuck you too, decision-makers, when you infringe our fundamental laws in front of everybody’s watch!!!

Back to your behavior with socialist France: ah, so I heard you would welcome our millionnaires if Hollande taxes them at 75%? Hey, did you really become so fucking poor that you finally end with opinions like that? I hard you have a few public finances problems, and some elements of economical crisis too, haven’t you? Yes you have. So, you’d be ready to take money from wherever it comes to solve your problems, is that what the people at the head of your State are saying? even tax-escapers from friend-countries are OK??? Hey, british people, I knew many of you and I find you really nice people, I know in average English, Irish, Scottish people are really nice, I don’t believe you would take the same stupid decisions that your politicians. We are partners, we are friends, we do not do disrespectful things to each other, we collaborate when we can, and anyway we live in harmony and peace together. If you decide things, at the condition they respect the basic human rights of everybody, we totally let you rule, no problem. And we expect the same from you. We both have the right to critic each other’s budget policy. But we do not have the right to try and attract the outlaws of the friend-country!! We share agreements on police and crime, you know? So stop with those stupid provocations guys in power in UK, because you’re just being illegal you know, and unpleasantly unfriendly, please stop that gentlemen!

Also, my main message here is about Europe. Guys, girls, come one, we’re all europeans. Come on, it’s a fact we share so, so much, we’re so impregnated from each other, you and Europe, but especially you and « us » including myself, in France. We’re very mixed with Germany and they’re in the European Union and share the euro. Same with Italy. With Spain. With Belgium. With all the neighbours, and their neighbours. From our point of view, I guess it doesn’t change so much from the points of view of your other old neighbours,  you’re in the family and you should be in our collaboration club. We share more things there. We strive being stronger together. The purpose and the general move of the European Union over the last decades is very positive. It has proved good, dynamizing, and it has always grown. It resisted many crises already, including 1973 and 2008. The collaboration of west-european countries since after the IInd World War established and confirmed a space of common peace between people who had just fought to death the years before, Italy, Germany, Belgium… and you and France. This space that was destroyed was subject to a quick rebirth and became again the economic, political and artistic spine of Europe : there’s the Rhine river, northern Italy, Paris region, Nederlands, Swiss… This space is, overall, rich and wealthy. We exchange and share the currency, the job market, and everything works fine, it worked better than went we had wars and frontiers and when we didn’t like to cooperate: all in all, united we’re stronger, it’s better for everybody to share some functions, some ressources. So, you see… why wouldn’t you come in the EU? Look, the laws of european Parliament are fair in general and if you don’t like them you can still fight them and cancel them. You can work with us making it more democratic. We can make it more this or that but for that, you need to enter it. With equal rights and duties. You have many advantages in doing that. So please, elect a government that prepares and makes that, let’s be together, we’re both good for debate, democracy, freedom, arts, let’s play the same game together.

If it’s about your special relationship with the US, you’ll stay and atlantic country that is no problem, we respect the US. But you’re from this side of the Ocean you know, most of your links anchor you here, not there. Look, di you play rugby with the yankee? You would not even have fun. You need France. And, as you see, Italy makes progress. You’re very different from the US, you’re european by so many ways. So come on, take the seat that is yours among our democratic association of european nations. You have stated that the members of UE have control over the system – they can vote against their governments and stop the European treaty for example. Several fundamental laws were stopped. Other solutions had to be found. It grows, it solves problems. Nobody is perfect, but it makes better and better. It gives more rights and more power, control more problems. The Eurozone is fundamentally good for the conomies that take part to it. It guarantees more competition, less costs, and more diversity in circulation. We’re stronger to resist pressures from the rest of the world, in case we are attacked economically we can organize and defend ourselves. We all came to that conclusion that it is better to share many basic expenses. We do that between the people and between the countries of Europe. Come on, just enter the room and take your seat.

OK, I hope I’ll see your riots soon in the news, In Punks We Trust.


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