Public letter to Barack Obama

Dear Barack,

first let me congratulate you again having been reelected! Thank you man! Like many people on earth, I was glad. It’s good to see you in power.

I think, personal opinion, you’re personnally speaking the best president ever. I exclude from this opinion all the early presidents because I don’t know them well and even when they were against they lived in the time of slavery that I find so ugly, that lacks so much respect towards the basic rights of the people. So, I think you’re even better than Kennedy 🙂 Yeah, your speeches are great, you perform them, pff, it’s like you don’t even have to perform them, you’re a natural-born actor, we don’t feel the actor, we’re so much in contact with the character you embody.

OK, OK, calmos.

Now let me tell you, you had 4 years already, you get 4 years more. We like you because you represent progress. You’re necessarily informed about certain things, since you’re in charge of them. So whatever the situation, you’re in control of the laws, so there are certain things that you HAVE TO do, it’s not things that some opinions would prefer you to do, it’s things you MORALLY have to do to respect the human rights, OK? we agree on that?

So let me list a few things we expect from you really, REALLY soon:

– The end of the death penalty in the US. It has to be forbidden to States by the Federal State. Murder is forbidden, point. State has no « special right » to kill people, we’re all equal, no human shall kill no human, point. Agree? So do it, man.

– The end of special prisons. Guantanamo, stop that, you’re being illegal and fuckingly immoral. You have proofs against them? Big, convincing suspicions? Hey, we’re grown-ups, we can judge. Your citizens, the people who elect you – I don’t, I vote for you morally, I’m French – have a full political right to judge on a public thing like a terrorist attack, which is a big crime indeed, if it is the case. It seems you have other secret prisons in the world – in Poland for example. Just empty them and never do that again, it is against human rights, you do not have the choice to respect them or not, YOU MUST, if you do not then you’re an enemy of mankind, are you? No, so do.

– Man, we need, the world needs a real serious open inquiry about the 11 september. The fall of WTC 7 and the missile in the Pentagon are big, big holes in the official theory. The 2 planes in the WTC, it sticks. But the missile, man, who controlled that? The terrorists? Who had power on missiles around Washington, man, do we know that? You do not want us to know that????? I could not believe you are fighting against truth on that, and you have power to leadand explain that politically : « There is something weird in this story. Let’s be honest, let’s examine as deep as we can. »

– Active protection against discriminations. Not only the basic rights have to be reattributed – like your nice healthcare. But also, the groups that were by the past the victims of multiple forms of discrimination have to be supported with care too, they have been victims as a group holding some characteristics, and the traumatism is still going on. It has to be stopped and many things can be done, it’s a question of political will, you can hardly be fired, especially if you just fight for the respect of the fundamental rights of human people, nobody becomes impopular for that, even the lobbies could not hate you publicly for something that a big majority of the people approves. Racism is a kind of inside terrorism of a population against another one on a criteria that is stupid. We have to stop that. So, do your best to stop discriminations, you’re in charge of sending a positive political signal in favor of political and economical equality of duties and rights. The basic needs of everybody have to be guaranteed on public services if not guaranteed fairly by private services. It’s always the same people who die young or spend years in jail. There are such big inequalities. Come on, most of them are correct-able. Speak the speeches, make the alliances, pay the campaigns, that are necessary to support this politics. Everybody desserves to be respected, and it’s better for everybody else on earth and in a country.

OK, I know, all that are big topics, many discussions, many meetings, so you have much to do and I will not take more any more moment on your precious presidential time, I send you a kiss and to your family and I wish you well, have a great work, cheers.


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